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NAVIFORCE Watches wholesale &OEM

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NAVIFORCE watch “booms red”, creating a miracle of AliExpress sales in one year

Among them, NAVIFORCE from Guangzhou Xiangyu Watch Co., Ltd. took the lead in the track of time. With its original design and unique watch types, it has emerged as a fast-growing watch brand in the industry.
Since the establishment of the NAVIFORCE brand in 2012, the annual compound growth rate of the brand has exceeded 100%. In December 2016, after officially entering Alibaba AliExpress and opening the NAVIFORCE brand flagship store, a number of industry records have been created in just one year: No. 1 sales on Double Eleven in 2017, and “2017 AliExpress Top Ten Overseas Brand”.

Start-up brand, overcoming industry pain points, numerous praises

At the beginning of the brand establishment, NAVIFORCE has set the design soul of “unique and individual”, and reminds itself not to forget the original intention of the brand with the help of the words “for dream” engraved on the back cover of each brand watch. Around this soul, designers began to capture various modern aesthetic elements that can be incorporated into watch design from life, nature, machinery, and humanities, and combined with the craftsmanship of watch manufacturing to transform these factors into NAVIFORCE watch design. DNA.

In the process of the development of the brand, Yang Paifeng found that the stability of the LCD movement and the water resistance of the watch were the two major pain points in the electronic quartz dual movement market. In order to effectively break through the technical difficulties, NAVIFORCE teamed up with manufacturers to investigate and learn advanced technologies in the industry, and practiced and innovated many times, successively overcoming technical difficulties to take the lead in the industry. “After entering AliExpress, with the help of AliExpress platform’s global influence, Lingxiang has reached a high level in terms of brand awareness and shipments! Up to now, many stores including AliExpress have Channels,’electronic + quartz dual movement’ watches, have always been our leading products, and have a very good reputation in the market, and they have won countless praises.” He said.

Launch & Promote With Confidence.

Every piece of NAVIFORCE watch has practicality and fashion sense, especially in the public field of vision is labeled with a unique personality, free and casual style label. In view of the precision manufacturing characteristics of watches, it is particularly important to cooperate with various parts suppliers in the process of quality control. “Because of this particularity, the various parts of the watch industry chain have spontaneously gathered together. This industrial cluster effect can not only help us reduce costs, improve product quality and economic benefits, but also greatly strengthen the market competition of NAVIFORCE. Power.” Yang Paifeng said.

Why Us

Guangzhou Xiangyu Watch Co., Ltd. is the trademark owner and manufacturer and wholesaler of NAVIFORCE brand watches. The company was founded in 2013 and currently has about 200 employees. It has its own production plants and stalls, and has now settled on multiple cross-border platforms. Product sales cover Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia and other countries and regions, and are well received by countries all over the world. Customer’s favorite. The stall is located in the country’s largest professional watch wholesale market, namely, Guangzhou Station West Clock and Watch City, with nearly several hundred square meters of office attached; the factory is located in Lishui, Foshan, with a total area of nearly 3,000 square meters.


We provide customized watches designed according to your specifications (OEM) or stocked American watches. These watch designs can be produced “quickly” to provide gifts or promotional opportunities (ODM)

CAD watch design

After submitting your preferred design, we will create detailed watch images and technical drawings. CAD allows easier watch development and product management. It also allows for better modeling and consistency in Watch Design, and even provides a foundation for virtual networks!

International Purchasing

To help maintain our growth and competitive advantage, we have established long-term partnerships with some of the most reliable component suppliers in the world. This strategy allows us to increase our manufacturing flexibility by introducing parts, supplies and watch movements from different watch component manufacturers.

Components and options

We have a global network and long-term cooperative relationship to find suitable bracelet/strap materials. Whether you need an Italian leather strap, a German dial or a Swiss mechanical movement, we have the resources


U.S. or EU UPC, EDI, and bar codes. We have experience and logistics team that can achieve fast turnover.


We offer a variety of different packaging options and pre-packaging services that are classified according to the requirements of most major retailers. We understand the packaging and shipping requirements of most major organizations to help minimize refunds.

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We provide wholesale and sourcing services of various types of quartz watches, mechanical watches, smart watches, and can be customized according to requirements.Send inquiries, link the world’s most complete supply chain.